Ask twenty people to define what it means to establish a brand and chances are you’ll come away with twenty different answers.

Although there are several definitions, and there is some disagreement of what precisely a brand is, where most everyone agrees is that establishing a strong brand is essential for a successful business, practice or venture.  

According to Wikipedia, ‘a Brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

True, but that’s just the starting point.  

Branding takes work, research and creativity.  You need to understand and define your product, service, or company in order to create a successful brand.  Once that’s defined, it’s important to identify your market or markets.  You can develop the best product or service available, but if you target the wrong market, you’re going to miss the mark. 

Once your market is defined, you want to focus on their needs and wants, and on offering them solutions to their particular problems and issues.  A successful brand will connect with your prospects, motivate your clients, and develop a loyal base.  A brand connects emotionally.  Without an emotional component, your brand won’t effectively connect with your market.

Although there are myriad ways to market your brand and establish it in the market, effective PR the most effective approach.


PR allows you to emotionally connect with your audience, customers and or clients.  By being featured on TV or in print you and your company attain the legitimacy and validation that comes from being featured as a news story.

But PR is more than media placement.   A PR team or consultant will work with you on the development of the brand, concept, style and narrative before moving forward on the media outreach.

Then, once the brand is defined and ready to be promoted, media relations is the most valuable marketing approach available.  Through effective media placement, you, in essence, become the news.  

You can then use that media coverage including links to your interviews and quotes from your press throughout your various marketing strategies.  Apart from the media coverage itself, you can maximize the press by posting it on your site, sharing it on your social media platforms, pulling quotes to use in your any marketing material, etc.  

Never minimize the importance of your brand,

And when it comes to branding, always keep in mind the power and importance of an effective public relations outreach.    

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