There are those who think everything they do should be in the news. You know the type. Everything they think or say, should be captured for posterity.   And, while it is nice to have a healthy ego, a dose of reality can go a long way.  As a PR consultant, my job includes tactfully helping people understand that what they find of interest, is not always what’s going to grab the media’s attention.  That doesn’t mean the press won’t be interested in their story, but that the pitch needs to be positioned, framed and presented in a way that meets the media’s needs 

While there are those who think everything they do is of interest, others are equally convinced that they’re just not interesting enough for anyone to notice. Whereas an over-developed ego can be problematic, the opposite can be just as harmful.   

Particularly if you’re looking to promote and market your business service or product, if you don’t find your business fascinating, chances are no one else will.  If your starting point is that you’re too bland, or your business is too boring for anyone to take note, chances are you’re going to prove yourself right.  That will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Truth is, unless you’re in the covert spy business, chances are you, your brand, your career and your business need marketing and promotion in order to succeed.  If you’re looking to build your company and/or launch a new product, you need to promote.   It’s that simple.  And an effective public relations campaign can be your most powerful marketing tool.  

But, let’s say you truly do believe that your product or service are simply too bland, or that personally you don’t have what it takes to command the media’s attention?  If so, it’s important to acknowledge that is your current mindset.  Simply giving yourself, a pep-talk in order to convince yourself you’re wrong will get you nowhere.  The trick is not to try and fake it, but to look at the situation in a new way.  If that is your problem, my bet is you’re so close to your business, or have done it for so long that you don’t see what’s there.  It’s time to reframe how you think and feel about you, your company and your career.

Everyone has a compelling story to tell. Everyone is interesting. And every business, service or product can be presented in a way that will pique other’s interest.  Remember, you are the only “you” in the world. There are doubtless others in your profession that run similar businesses or practices, but there is no one quite like you. Only you have taken your life journey.  No one has your angle or your story. Effective PR is effective storytelling.  So, find your stories.  Look beyond the obvious.  Be creative.  Nobody else does what you do exactly how you do it. Whether you know it or not, you are an original. You are unique. Start viewing yourself that way!

Begin to look at yourself and your business from the outside. Pretend you are hiring yourself to promote you, your company, your business, product, or even yourself. View the situation objectively. How would you approach this assignment?  What steps would you take? What advice would you give? Would you use not being interesting enough as an excuse to stop moving forward?  I doubt it.  

Never let fears and doubts stop you. Remember that no matter how confident some people may seem, most of us have some hidden doubts and fears. Part of achieving success is working through those and moving forward toward your success. 

See you in the media!

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