The new world of long-term care marketing has expanded the boundaries of where and from whom nursing facilities and assisted living facilities seek referrals. From the old days of working only with discharge planners and social workers at hospitals to the modern-day version, where marketing targets practically everyone influencing seniors’ decisions.

Marketing, both “inside” the senior care industry and related settings of care and “outside” to the general public, can involve a number of different strategies for providers to pursue, from physically having a representative working in a hospital with case managers and discharge planners, to tracking data on potential residents via electronic record systems, to working on advertising, marketing, and public relation campaigns. All with the goal of bolstering the brand and boosting occupancy. Although we see marketing almost everywhere we go from the doctor’s office to the gas station, it is limited in both its reach and credibility. 

A well-honed PR campaign provides a greater reach than a conventional marketing campaign and establishes your senior living facility or long-term care staff as authorities in the field of long-term care. Furthermore, by investing in a targeted public relations campaign you are often able to double and triple your intended audience. Meaning, you are able to reach your audience when you are featured on a news program such as CNN, Good Morning America or Fox News but you will be able to reach 2-3 times more people than your initial audience due to re-broadcasts of your appearance on the show and clips of the show being posted on the web.

We have worked with a number of clients in the fields of long term care, assisted living and geriatric medicine and have placed stories in several media outlets including Time, the New York Times, NBC, ABC, the Los Angeles Times, PBS, NPR and various other media outlets.  As with most media campaign, the secret is to develop compelling stories that speak both to the media and your target market.  Make a list of your stories.  They can focus on your philosophy, the facility, your staff or patient stories.  Remember effective PR is effective storytelling.  This is when it’s important to bring in a PR team or consultant who can help you develop your stories, your message and your brand.

Once press coverage has been garnered you can utilize it on your website and on your various social media platforms.  When a prospective client Googles or searches your name on line, noting is more credible or validating that links to articles in which you or your facility have been featured.   

It has been well documented when people are fact-gathering in order to make a decision about assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities they frequently look online and to their local media. By establishing your facility and your staff as authorities in the field of long-term care you immediately connect with your audience and potential residents in a credible way–and that is something only a well-targeted public relations campaign can deliver. Generally, people view marketing and advertising with a certain amount of distrust. There is the understanding that the ad or commercial has been purchased. But through an effective public relations campaign, when you appear on a news or health-oriented TV segment or article, the public views you as an expert in the field which helps bring trust and credibility to you, your staff and facility.  

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