Before launching a new PR campaign, make a list of your business goals and main media objectives. List what you’re hoping to achieve from your media relations campaign.

Write your targets, goals and intents.

Your overall business goals will dictate your PR approach.

There are many possible goals, including:


  1. Using the credibility and validity that comes with being featured in the mainstream media to help build your brand.
  2. Increasing sales.
  3. Receiving funding or investment.
  4. Targeting a particular market sector
  5. Establishing a new business or product launch
  6. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Set timelines.

Be clear, specific and targeted.  Include not only what you want to achieve, but why and by when.

Create targets that you can measure. 

Have an overall long-term goal, but break it down into short term achievable objectives.

Be realistic. Stating that you want to be the new Apple or Google, sound good, and who knows, you just might be, but as a goal, that’s not going to get you far.

Allow your goals and objectives to change with time.   

Your goals and roadmap can change with time.  Make it a living, breathing document. 

Use your business goal roadmap to clarify your campaign’s direction, pitches and press releases. After clarifying your goals, create a clear roadmap of your PR outreach.

Every PR campaign has its own objectives and direction.  But those need to be set and defined form the start. 

Keep in mind, the more concise, specific and targeted you are in creating and launching a PR campaign, the more successful the campaign will be.

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