Perhaps no other industry benefits more from public relations than the beauty industry.  Innumerable outlets, both online and off, continually cover the latest beauty trends.  The media covers a myriad beauty-oriented stories, from the latest in makeup, hair care and skin care, to human interest pieces, to inspirational first-person stories.  There are a number of target markets within the field, which offers a number of different story and pitch ideas.  One might be seasonal., another could focus on a new product and yet another could feature a surprising makeover.  For those in the field who know how to use it, PR can be your most effective marketing tool.

Luckily, the beauty industry tends to stay solid whether economic times are good or bad.  The cosmetic industry actually came about during the Great Depression.  Although people had little disposable cash, they could buy a relatively inexpensive product that made them look and feel better. Whether the country’s economy is soaring or struggling, in the beauty industry, an effective media relations campaign is crucial.

If this is your field, start by defining your image, your brand and your target market.  Promoting a great service or product to the wrong market is a mistake you want to avoid.

Next, discover your stories.  Effective PR is effective storytelling.  How do you find your stories?  Ask yourself questions.

For example:

What makes your product or service different than all the rest? 

Why do your customers come back to it, again and again? 

Are any celebrities your clients or customers? 

What were your initial struggles?

Remember, the more stories and angles you have, the more effective your campaign will be.

The beauty business is visually-oriented so invest in photos of yourself, your product, your service and your results.   Keep in mind that striking before-and-after shots can go a long way. 

Print coverage is still crucial.  Once you’re in magazines and newspapers, you can use social media and the internet to ramp up interest in your product.  This will in turn will help interest more media coverage. 

Make sure you capitalize on any and all coverage, as it comes.  Amplify and magnify your media on your site and on your various social media platforms and in all of your marketing.  Remember, media begets media. 

The beauty industry is tailor-made for PR.

Use it!

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