There are a myriad of ways your press and media can be utilized.  It’s an integral part of the process and one that I can’t emphasize enough.

Here’s a secret: even PR pros tend to slip up when it comes to properly utilizing the press and media coverage they’ve secured.  Too often people get stuck on the immediate gratification of landing a TV segment or magazine article and view that as the end game.  If they’ve been covered in a radio or magazine interview, or on TV, many simply wait for sales to materialize right after the fact. If that doesn’t happen, they jump to the conclusion that the coverage they received was a failure.  But that’s too simplistic.  The truth is, whether there’s an immediate reaction or not, this kind of coverage is still invaluable.  But it does take work.  This media can be magical if it is used properly, if you do your homework, and if you incorporate your PR into your overall marketing outreach.   

Many PR firms don’t advise client on how to best utilize and maximize their media coverage.  Some simply don’t see that as their job.  In many ways they’re right, their objective is to secure you media and to implement a successful campaign.  However, a savvy PR professional will help you maximize your media, even though it will often still be your job to be inventive, creative, and effectively use your media in as many ways as you can. 


Check out the list below.  It goes over how to effectively utilize your media in your overall marketing.  Study it, add to it, and brainstorm your own ideas

1. Coverage Leads to Coverage

Use your TV and radio appearances and magazine and newspaper articles to land other media.  One type of coverage can interest other media outlets.  Share links of interview, features and stories.  Remember to update your biography to emphasize these most recent media appearances.  Create a media page and post links on your website.  Actively use your coverage in your pitches and presentations.   

2. Display, Display, Display

Keep the articles you were interviewed for displayed in, in your office or framed on your walls.  Don’t be shy– you can also send links to your TV or radio interviews to your clients, customers or patients, and even to your prospective clients and customers.  If you let people know you’ve had media coverage, people will see you differently.  Letting people know about your media coverage also helps generate word of mouth buzz.  People love to talk to their friends about working with someone who has been feature in the media.

3. Use The Media In Your Marketing Materials

Share your media coverage in your ads, flyers, newsletters, and brochures.  Make sure to review your articles and interviews, watching out for any particularly impressive quotes about you or what you do.  You can highlight these in your ads or marketing. 

If you have a staff or employees, make sure they make use of the media you have been featured in, when they are pitching you or talking about you to clients and prospects. Work with your employees, so you can all come up with ways to naturally include your media appearances into casual conversations.

Have fun.  Get creative.  Be proactive.

Your media can supercharge your overall marketing campaign, but only if you use it.

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